Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Clicker Heroes Update

Earlier this week Clicker Heroes came out with a new patch that added in 9 new heroes. I'd stopped playing recently but having some new things to enter into a spreadsheet was enough to bring me back. More numbers! Must make them bigger!

Unfortunately it doesn't seem like a whole lot of interesting thought went into these new heroes. Each one costs 1x10^15 times as much as the previous one. It does 7.37x10^12 times as much damage as the previous one. They all have the exact same upgrades, with the same cost progression, and all of the upgrades only work on the individual champion.

In short... Not a whole lot to figure out, sadly. Each one is worse than the one before it because the cost escalated more than the damage did. It'll probably shake out the same as Frostleaf did... Overpriced for a while, but eventually you get enough souls to make it trivial to get a bunch of a new hero when you ascend and then you'll want to pile all of your gilds onto that one.

On the plus side they did add in a shortcut where you can pay a little more to guarantee you gild the hero you want with a single click. You expect to spend 66 souls by doing it manually or you can pay 80 souls and get it done in one click instead of 33. That is a price I will _gladly_ pay should I ever decide I want my gilds on someone other than Frostleaf.

Will this update keep me playing? Well, it got me back into the game... And I can't buy some of the new heroes so maybe I want to stick around until I can do that... Or maybe I'll just quit again soon. Time will tell!


Sky Roy said...

They aren't overpriced when you consider the damage to cost ratio of lower ranked heroes degrades as they level up. I have found that you want to gild the first hero that you really slow down on. For me that was Terra - until her I can one shot everything but without gilding her it was very slow to get to the next hero. It worked out really well and I pushed another 70 levels beyond where I was with frostleaf.

Right now after two Terra runs I get her up to about 1500, but it will be awhile before I level up ancients enough to be able to profitably gild Phthalo.

I completely agree though that this update is boring. No new abilities, and no interesting math. Just gild the hero that you have to gild to keep one shotting and then grind more. Not a lot of added play here.

Nick Page said...

Are you sure? I just tested by spending the same amount of money on both Frostleaf and Terra. They both require 2x10^120 to level up again, with Terra having a higher decimal so I spent a little more on her than Frostleaf. This makes 3175 in Frostleaf and 1725 in Terra.

Gilding Frostleaf is a little more than twice as good as gilding Terra.

Now, this is going to be because Frostleaf crossed a 1000 barrier and got an extra 2.5 multiplier. One I get 275 more levels into each of them Terra will pick up that multiplier and will switch from being down by a factor of 2 to being up by 25%. If you're only getting her to 1500 then your Frostleaf wouldn't be reaching 3000 so you'd be better off with Terra gilded. But I'm more better off with Frostleaf gilded, if that makes sense.