Thursday, September 25, 2014

One Handed Board Games

I went out today to play board games with the hope that I could do so without using my right hand at all. I had to take a harsh veto stance against games that would require shuffling or drafting but with 14 people that didn't feel like such a big deal sine other people could play Dominion and I could play a different game instead. It ended up working great. Turns out I can play board games with my left hand a lot easier than I can type or use a mouse!

I ended up learning lots of new to me games. Amerigo, Enigma, Navegador, Istanbul, and Infarkt. 4 completely new, one I'd played once before. Navegador was a 5er this time so I didn't get to see about the 3er issue but I did manage to win without buying a single factory so going all colonies can't be too terrible!

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