Wednesday, September 24, 2014

League of Legends Worlds Week 2

At 5am tomorrow morning the last two groups at Worlds will get started. Both of these groups include teams from Europe and North America which I suspect means I'll enjoy watching the games more. Not because the games will be higher quality or anything but because I'll recognize the names more often in these games. Both from watching a lot of the regular season games and because of the fantasy LCS game that ran. I'll be cheering for LMQ in no small part because I had XiaoWeiXiao and Vasilli on my team and grew to root for them in the regular season. They're being predicted to come last in their group but maybe the underdog will come home!

I've finished both seasons of Heroes and my wrist still hurts so I'll be happy to have new things to watch. Huzzah!

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Sthenno said...

I found watching worlds I could notice that the games were higher quality. Even as a novice, it seemed pretty obvious that the games turned more on incremental advantages and strong play being beaten by stronger play; less on someone just making a huge blunder.

I had a lot less, "Oh God, why are you *there*?" moments. It could just be a fluke of the games I watched, though.