Friday, May 16, 2014

FumBBL: Team Logos

I played my final regular season game in the NBFL earlier today. (That's the FumBBL Blood Bowl league where you get to draft players between season.) I won the game which put me at 8-3-3 and at worst second place in my conference. That means a bye in the playoffs! Woo! My team is starting to accumulate a lot of permanent injuries but I also managed to level up 3 of my more important players today which is pretty sweet.

My goblin rolled a normal skill and I gave him two heads to go with his big hand. Now he can dodge anywhere on a 2+ and pick up the ball on a 3+ regardless of who may be nearby. I actually used it to negate the rain in this game which is how he leveled up.

My main ball carrier (a dark elf with block, dodge, and foul appearance) rolled doubles and can now take whatever in the world he feels like. I don't have a clue what that should be. The doubles opens up the strength and passing categories but I should probably take sure hands or a mutation of some kind. Or maybe even boring tackle since he's normally hanging back on defense. It's not like my team needs to take mighty blow or guard on an elf since most of my team can get those on regular rolls. But in reality I haven't skilled up many other people and I only really have 2 big guys with guard right now. Maybe putting guard on a hard to hit guy makes sense...

My main safety also leveled up. He was one of my drafted guys and started the season as a block/dodge/tackle dude. I've since given him mighty blow. He has plenty of good options for a 5th skill... Frenzy to get extra shots at taking someone down. Horns to get a strength boost since he does a lot of my blitzing. Claw to do more damage! (Ideally he's hitting 'softer' targets since he's my only mobile tackle at the moment and tries to hit people with dodge... But especially in a draft league there are lots of heavily armoured dudes with dodge running around.) Piling on is a different damage option. I still really need more guard and this guy also is harder to knock down with his dodge so that's always an option. Oh, and he actually rolled a non-doubles 10 so he could also get movement or armour. Having my main blitzer be a little faster actually feels like a really useful thing. My team is also a bit on the slow side as it is (only one player with more than 6 movement) and this would put him up to 7 movement. I do like armour, especially since I can probably keep him away from enemies with both claw and tackle. And my division has no claw in it (the other 3 teams are orcs, lizardmen, and khemri) which makes armour that little bit better.

Realistically I'm going to wait and see who my opponent is in the conference semifinals and pick what I think will help me win the next game. Because I'm all about winning now at the expense of the future... (The Leafs should hire me as GM!) But probably I'll end up taking guard on the elf and movement on the marauder.

But what was really interesting about my game today is my opponent complimented me on my team logo before the game started. I had my sister make me a sweet looking swamp creature thing (my team is the Hacksonville Quagmires as a Blood Bowl spin on the Jacksonville Jaguars) that used the Jaguars logo as the head for the swamp thing. It's really awesome. I was in the process of telling the guy that my sister made it when he made a comment about how he didn't know you could go across the line of scrimmage with your logo. This confused me for a second because I just wanted a logo for the standings page of the league but then I remembered that league teams could actually have their logo show up on the field. So I turned that on and saw the following...

I think it's completely unintentional since I don't think I told her anything about dimensions or anything like that. It's entirely coincidental that the monster's hand is just barely reaching across the line of scrimmage as though it were going to crush the front line of the enemy team. Which makes it even more awesome! Possibly considered rude to have your logo go into the other team's side of the field but the way this one does it seems too good for me to want to change it.

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