Tuesday, May 06, 2014


ESC-IT is a 'room escape' entertainment place a little north of Toronto. The basic idea is they lock you in a room and you need to figure out a way to get out in 45 minutes or less. The key to getting out is in the room somewhere and you need to solve puzzles and do things in order to escape. It's meant to be done in 45 minutes or less so the puzzles aren't super complicated things and they're not crosswords or anything like on a puzzle boat.

My mother and sister are in town this week and we decided to go give it a shot. An evil winemaker locked us in his cellar and was going to turn us into WINE if we didn't escape. 35 minutes later we'd unlocked the final box and broken free! Not dead!

The guy running the place seemed surprised that we'd won on our first try. They have a 'wall of shame' where they post the pictures of all the teams that failed and the 'wall of fame' seemed to have far fewer pictures on it so he probably wasn't just pumping our tires. We are pretty awesome, after all.

It was definitely an interesting idea, and I had fun. They have 6 different rooms to do so even if you win on your first try there's still a reason to go back for more. It definitely gets my stamp of approval.


Anonymous said...

There's one in KW too: http://adventurerooms.ca/


Sthenno said...

That sounds really cool, but the statement "The guy running the place seemed surprised that we'd won on our first try." seemed equivalent to "The guy had never met me before," in your case.