Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WBC Event List - Online Locations

This weekend the World Boardgaming Championships put up the list of games for this coming year's event. There were some changes from the tentative list earlier due to extra sponsors and a lack of GMs for some games. And by some games I think I mean just A Few Acres of Snow. It would appear I managed to make Robb happy and killed off that event with my attempt last year. 8(

I've been told of at least one mistake in the schedule so making plans right now is probably a little premature. Looking for event overlaps and such is definitely something I do, but it's something for a later date...

For now what I'm interested in doing is something that Randy made me think about in a discussion about my laurels post. Glen More was on the list of potential replacements for games that didn't get a GM (though it didn't get in this time around) and he wondered if you could play it online somewhere. I knew Yucata had added it in since last WBC and mentioned such. But it got me thinking about all the other games that might have online implementations that I just don't know about. Innovation has a really good one, but if Robb and Pounder didn't play on it a ton I would never have found out about it because it's a stand alone site. So I figured it could be useful to build up a centralized spot to list all the online games people knew about since I'm sure there are more out there that I'd like to play but don't know about. Crayon rails in particular!

Anyway, I built a spreadsheet on Google Docs and think I made it public for editing. There's probably more information that I should fill in that's specific to WBC once the schedule becomes more firm (prize level, heat times, etc...) but for now I really just care about places to play games online. And then I want people to play those games with me! Need more Through The Ages games!

Does anyone know of places to play games I've missed? Please let me know, or fill them in yourself! I'd really appreciate it!

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