Monday, April 28, 2014

Crystals for Life

Crystals for Life is a speedrunning marathon starting up on Tuesday night and running non stop for the next five days. It's being held in Edmonton and the theme for the event is all RPGs, all the time. They're opening up with Final Fantasy IV and moving on through a wide array of RPGs. Lots of Final Fantasy games, Star Ocean, Pokemon, Suikoden, Soul Blazer... If most of these games have crazy glitches like they showcased in AGDQ with Secret of Mana it should be awesome to watch.

As seems to be the case for gaming marathons they're holding this as a charity fundraiser. This one is raising money for a charity I'd not heard of before called JDRF which is working to combat Type 1 Diabetes. So if you have extra money and like RPGs and hate Diabetes this is the place to be! 

I expect to spend the next week just watching that stream and probably playing Civ V or FTL on my monitor. Maybe you want to do so too? Check it out if so!

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