Monday, March 31, 2014

Upcoming Lounge Day

I kept getting complaints each year that people didn't realize when the annual Lounge Day was going to happen. It runs on Good Friday each year, but that does change wildly from year to year. This year it'll be on April 18th!

Lounge Day is a day of board gaming and reminiscing at University of Waterloo consisting mostly of Mathies a little older than I am, but anyone who can find their way to the Comfy Lounge is certainly welcome. I don't currently know how I'm getting there or how I'm getting back but I intend to be there for as much of the day as I can. I'm normally one of the first ones there (~noon, after eating at Mel's) and one of the last ones to leave (~1am, after eating at Sunshine's). I didn't get sick eating at either place last year so assuming Sunshine's is open I'll likely try to do the same thing this year. April 18th is pretty late though, so Sunshine's may well be off of the normal term hours? I don't know. I'm sure something will work out if it's closed!

Anyway... Almost three weeks notice had been given! Lounge Day! Woo!

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