Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy Concert

Almost two years ago to the day I went to a Distant Worlds concert here in Toronto. I posted about it afterwards, but the basic idea is they get an orchestra to play music from the Final Fantasy games. Yesterday I got an email telling me that because I'd attended that concert I was able to order tickets now for the freshly announced concert in Toronto on December 6th. Last time around they also had a concert in KW (they used the KW orchestra after all) but either that isn't true this time or they haven't announced it yet.

I know there were some people last time who said they wanted to go if it ever came back... Well, here it is! I don't even know where I'll be living come December but I imagine I'd find a way to travel back to Toronto for it regardless. There are still tickets in the ~$36 price range, which seems pretty darn cheap. Sitting way up in the back wasn't a bad thing last time (there's a big screen showing the videos anyway and besides it's a MUSIC event) but I can see how people who would gain something from seeing the musicians up close might want to go down to the ~$130 range seats? Me, I'm pretty happy with the top.

So... Anyone else want in? It's unclear if this is a legit offer to returning visitors or if it's just how they worded an ad. Either way we should coordinate getting seats together if other people want to go. I intend on going alone again if that's what it comes down to, but I really think it's worth doing for other people too.

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