Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Final Fantasy X: Plan

Byung is awesome and his PS3 hooked up to my tv just fine so I was able to plug in my shiny new Final Fantasy X HD disc last night. It brought up a menu with 4 options, 2 of which I'd never heard of, so I was forced to head off to the internet before I'd even started to figure out what I was supposed to pick. It turns out they made some extra cutscene videos for after each of the games and that's what the extra stuff was. No problem! Into the game I went, and after the intro video I was presented with a choice of sphere grids. What? Ok, internet, help me out again... Turns out the 'expert' grid was added in the international version and is just a different layout with the same stuff on it or something. I didn't dig too deep, but I figured different sphere grid was a good way to shake things up so I went with it. I am an expert, after all!

Anyway... Do I have a plan? Do I even need a plan? Doing a solo character Kimahri challenge does hold some appeal, as does going fast, but I feel like a new sphere grid, way better graphics, and the extra hard bosses are probably enough of a shakeup. I still want to play blitzball and catch all the monsters and twink out my party. I believe I've played this game three times before with each playthrough clocking in over 100 hours so there's plenty of stuff to do without going with some crazy plan.

So I'm just going to play the game, likely collecting all the things because that's just who I am. I will be using Kimahri, but not just Kimahri. Who knows, maybe the expert grid actually makes him better than the old grid where he was stuck in the middle with no actual place to go. Everyone seems to start in the middle now... So maybe everyone is 'bad'? Who knows!

One thing I wouldn't mind doing is hanging out and watching other people play as well. I miss that about living with other people and FFX may be the game I most miss watching people play. So if anyone wants to just come over and give it a play and I'm awake that's just fine by me!

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