Friday, November 29, 2013

Building Sandcastles

Sthenno posted earlier this week about a clicking browser game he's recently started playing and about how the game is more obtuse than the previous ones like Candy Box and Cookie Clicker. I like building spreadsheets and watching numbers go up so I had to check it out. Numbers are certainly going up and there is certainly a spreadsheet being built!

It's also definitely weird. I've had to stop and think while building my spreadsheet. And not in a 'how do I make Excel do this' way but in a 'what in the world is happening and how can I model it' way. I don't think I have a good model yet and I fear my sleep tonight will be filled with XKCD pictures and Fibonacci sequences.

It's got my attention for now. I apologize, but it's probably going to get your attention too. I hope you enjoy building sandcastles in the sand.

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Sthenno said...

My sleep has definitely been troubled by this game.