Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Path of Exile: Challenges

Path of Exile has achievements like every game does these days. There are 44 'regular' achievements and 8 'challenge' ones. The challenge achievements can only be completed in the limited duration leagues that expire Feb 23rd and you get rewards if you manage to get them all done in time. They had a similar system for the last 4 months of the beta and only 61 people managed to get all eight challenges done. The challenges are different this time around but they still seem a little crazy and the reward if you get all 8 of them done is a free t-shirt. I like free t-shirts! Challenge accepted!

What are these 8 challenges? Some of them seem like just play the game a lot. Kill a rare monster of each of 188 different types. Touch all 17 shrine types. Hit level 65 with all 7 classes. Kill a rare monster with each of the 22 new mods added in the hardcore league. Use all 23 crafting items.

Then there are the three that seem pretty insane... The first one is to own 65 specific unique items. You need to actual own them all when the event ends so our initial plan of find them across the guild and get everyone the achievement is out the window. There is a trade market so it's possible buying all 65 of them will be the way to go? I don't know that I like the idea of figuring out the trade economy...

The second one is to make something out of 33 cube recipes. Some of these recipes require spending a large amount of time managing a large inventory of end game rare items. Doable, but probably time consuming?

The last one is to kill all 116 unique bosses. I've done the 47 that go with the main plot but that leaves 69 more that seem to come from end game stuff. There are 67 different 'maps' that can drop from super high level monsters. These maps open up extra dungeons and it's in these dungeons that most if not all of the remaining bosses reside. It sounds like most of the maps can only be found in other maps which means an awful lot of time grinding in end game dungeons trying to get all of the maps. It sounds like a pretty neat system for generating end game stuff to do, actually. But I don't know how plausible it is to kill every last one of them. Presumably these can also be bought on the trade market so filling in the last couple might be expensive but not hard?

On the weekend I was all gung-ho about doing these because I like achievements and I like free. But actually looking at what they entail seems a little crazy. I guess I should probably see if I like the end game map system before getting too involved in planning to work on this? Oh, who am I kidding... A couple of them seem easy, I'll go do those anyway because I like achievements! There was no t-shirt waiting at the end of the insane in the membrane achievement in World of Warcraft and I did that one...

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