Thursday, August 15, 2013

More Rogue Legacy

According to Steam I've put in 33 hours on Rogue Legacy, though I suspect that number may have been inflated by the game running after installation on my laptop at WBC. (I started it installing and went out to play games and came back to the game running.) Or maybe the Steam number is only counting up for my desktop and the number is actually bigger. Either way, I've played a pretty significant amount of Rogue Legacy. I've beaten the game twice now, and it's gotten really, really hard.

The game has three versions of each enemy. The first time through the game most of the enemies are the base level enemy, but sometimes a higher level version will show up. You might have an eyeball that shoots a bullet. Or a palette shifted eyeball that shoots a stream of bullets. Or a palette shifted eyeball that shoots three streams of bullets in a cone. Running into the top tier version is a big problem the first time through! I had a hard enough time dodging a single bullet. Avoiding three streams was practically impossible.

Beating the game once started a new game+ mode which didn't have low tier enemies. Beating it a second time made all the enemies into the hardest version. On top of that things seem to do more damage. I went from having not much trouble at all in new game+ to dying in two hits in new game++. Vampirism was my main way of staying alive. I'd take plenty of hits, but when everything I kill heals me for 9 I could keep myself topped up pretty well. But when the enemies are cracking me for 150 a shot getting healed for 9 just isn't enough. I'm not sure if the solution is to stack even more vampirism or if I need to just get a lot better at dodging all incoming hits. In that case I'd want to dump the vampirism I do have for other stats. Running faster, or more max health, or something.

On the plus side enemies also drop 50% more cash for each time you beat the game, and I'm killing top tier enemies which drop lots of money to start, so I make a stupid amount of money. A good run has let me buy 5 or 6 upgrades at a time. I maxed out crit chance and crit damage and then shifted to working on health and armor. I don't last very long, but I did make it to the castle boss room once. He died on my first try attacking him. Turns out the bosses don't scale as much as the trash mobs do! Probably because the trash mobs leveled up their monster tier and the bosses didn't.

I'm going to keep playing the game for a while longer because there are still 3 achievements I haven't earned. The one for collecting all the blacksmithing patterns, the one for collecting all the rune patterns, and the one for playing at least 20 hours. I don't understand how I don't have that one. Maybe I got it on my laptop and it didn't share? It's annoying if that's the case.

Playing on my laptop at WBC was interesting in that saved games aren't stored online, so I had to start over. My game on this computer is all about beating down so I decided to try playing where I put all my money into making my spells better. It actually worked surprisingly well. It was a different way to play for sure, killing things at range with the spells instead of just charging in chopping with my sword, but it was fun too. My default is always to just chop things but it's nice to have the caster option be viable.


Sthenno said...

On new game +2 you can bring the enemies back down to tier 2 with a few grace runes, but if you venture into the higher difficulties that stops working. Tier 3 attack patterns are just too hard to rationally deal with when there are a couple of different guys in the screen, and it stops being about killing everything in the castle and instead becomes about avoiding things.

Nick Page said...

McRib keeps owning me. I can mostly deal with one of him, but any room with multiple McRibs, or with a McRib up above me so I can't easily charge him and I'm screwed.