Thursday, August 08, 2013

2013 WBC Day 9

Sunday, Sunday, Someday. Sunday is a pretty slow day at WBC. A couple of finals and a couple of very short events. (Including Attack Sub, which I had never played but which I'd read about so I knew it was a card game and not a wargame... This lead me to suggesting to the Hanabi players that they should play it in the morning so that Randy could squeeze in yet another event.) The first three years I went to WBC we played in finals on Sunday and in each case we ended up leaving Lancaster much later than Pounder wanted. Then we had a year where we slept through the alarm (or failed to set it) and left pretty late. And the year where Pounder's car died Saturday night on the way back from Waffle House and we ended up leaving really late. So ideally we won't play anything on Sunday, and we'll wake up early, and we'll leave on time, and Pounder will get home before midnight.

In a twist from past years, things actually went according to plan this time. Both Robb and I had stayed up later than we should have, so we were a little sleepy, but we managed a reasonable shiftwork setup where I slept the first few hours and Robb slept the rest of them. A reasonable delay at the border, two reasonable stops for food (another baked potato at Wendy's and an actual meal at Swiss Chalet) and no other issues at all. Normally we eat at a big buffet place for lunch before leaving Lancaster, but that really adds about an hour to the trip since eating at a buffet takes a long time for slow people like me. It also puts a break at a bad spot, right at the start, which isn't terribly useful.

So, no games on Sunday, but I can't blame that on being sick. Both because I felt fine, and because we don't normally play games on Sunday anyway. By the time Sunday rolled around I was actually feeling like I was ready for WBC to start! Terrible timing on getting sick, but next year will hopefully be different!

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