Monday, August 26, 2013

Innovation Online

One of the neatest board games I've played in the last couple years is a little card game called Innovation. It has 105 cards representing technologies throughout the ages and it was mostly fun to see what cards were included and see what combos would randomly come up. But it seemed a little random. At WBC Pounder showed me a webpage for the game and I've been playing on it for the last month. The webpage has the base game and both expansion and with repeated plays (124 games on the webpage and counting) a lot of the randomness doesn't seem to be there anymore. There are good cards and bad cards to be sure, but when I first started playing I'd just use whatever cards I drew. Now I know enough to skip using some of the bad cards (or situational cards) and work towards something else.

At any rate, the webpage is awesome and you should check it out! It's on Isotropic.

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