Tuesday, June 11, 2013

World of Warcraft: Looking For Raid

I'm dabbling in all kinds of things in my little trip back to Azeroth. On the weekend I decided to give the looking for raid thing a go. I could use a better weapon, after all! And I did like raiding back in the day...

I ended up doing 10 bosses, I think, across 4 raid zones. They were all trivial. I understand they set up the looking for raid system to be pretty easy by default, and that I was doing older raids because I didn't have the gear to get into the newest ones. But everything seemed really undertuned and we just stomped it all.

That said, it was still fun. I could see how some of the bosses were interesting puzzles and how they could have been a lot of fun figuring out with a guild. There was one insect boss that was particularly interesting. He  had an ability that killed anyone who walked under him, and I could imagine is figuring that out as Bung got himself killed standing under it. There was a trail ability that you had to pick up off your friends when they got debuffed and then run around the room making sure you leave room for the fight. Drew was totally on that duty. You have to kill the boss legs to damage the body but they keep respawning. It was fun.

Trash was incredibly boring. I never hated trash while raiding, but then I like the ambiance of having a populated game world and it tended to at least do something.

I got lots of loot. No weapons though. 8(

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