Thursday, June 06, 2013

Blue Ezreal Boots

I decided to build a 'target dummy' style spreadsheet for the blue Ezreal build. People keep saying things like the build tails off at high levels, and is bad at low levels. I want to quantify those statements. I'm not sure this is really a fair way to approach things, but I don't know of a better way. Standing in one spot and turreting isn't really what this build does well regardless, but it does provide a maximum for damage. If your team protects you, or the other team ignores you, this will be about what you can do over the whole fight. Mash all your buttons and keep autoattacking! I actually doubt you can even hit the maximum since you can't autoattack while casting a spell and I really haven't built that level of detail into the sheet.

I need to manually add each item to the sheet in order to work out what impact they'll have. One thing I really wanted to look at first was boots. Archers pretty much exclusively buy boots with attack speed on them. Blue Ezreal builds boots that have cooldown reduction on them instead. What does that difference mean?

A full build blue Ezreal with cooldown boots will max out at 1062 DPS, or a gain of 7.66 damage per 100 gold spent. Switch in the cheaper attack speed boots and fall down to 909 DPS, or a gain of 6.61 damage per 100 gold spent. That's about a 16% boost in damage efficiency, and a really huge deal. This is against an enemy with 100AV, 80MR, and 2000hp.

Also interesting when looking at the sheet is it looks like Ezreal's Q does almost as much damage as his ult to a single target thanks to all the extra things that proc off of the Q that don't proc on the ult. And all the big hitter procs do physical damage which makes me wonder if maybe getting armour pen quints would be a great deal. I just bought life steal quints to use instead because I don't build any life steal until very late in the game and having some sustain early seemed useful.

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