Wednesday, June 05, 2013

DMC - Devil May Cry

I played the initial Devil May Cry way back in the day. I can no longer remember who I lived with when I was playing it (I thought for sure I used to play it with James, but Aidan couldn't remember it. So maybe I used to play with Josh and Bung?) but I really, really liked the first one. You're a guy with a sword, and two pistols, and a laundry list of awesome special abilities. Variable difficulty settings. Different currencies for buying items and skills and stuff. Speed and score targets for clearing each level. It was really hard, but I remember I got really good at the game.

They came out with a bunch of sequels that I never played. Earlier this year they came out with a 5th game in the series which was a reboot of the first game. Intrigued, I put it on my Steam wish list. It went on sale last week, so I decided to pick it up and give it a try. I honestly didn't remember very much about the original game (except for one scorpion boss that took forever to kill because I chose to shoot him with pistols instead of jumping on his back to sword slice his weak point) until I started playing DMC. It all came flooding back. DMC is definitely faithful to Devil May Cry. My arm hurt after the first level because I'm just not used to playing games with a controller anymore, but it was awesome. The story seems to be completely new but the gameplay is so familiar. Swords and guns and combos! The intro movie had fantastic graphics.

Perhaps most importantly, everything worked! I bought a game, downloaded it, installed it, and was able to play! It did exactly what I wanted it to do. I wish I lived in a world where this was the norm, not astonishing.

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