Friday, November 16, 2012

Surrender at 20

A few days ago I was searching for details on the League of Legends Elo reset. I didn't find the specifics I was looking for but I did find a pretty awesome site: Surrender at 20. The guys running this website seem to collate all of the official Riot forum posts/tweets/whatever into one spot with what so far seems like reasonable commentary.

I've been reading about lots of new items that have been posted by the Riot guys and commenting about them on Skype when playing in recent days and a couple people asked where I'd been finding this information. Well, now you know! Check it out if you're curious about the future of LoL...

Something really neat I saw today... Boots are getting nerfed across the board with all champions getting a base movement speed buff to compensate. This will hopefully make boots no longer the objectively best starting item on almost every champion. Also apparently they're adding in a third tier of boots by letting you tack on an extra enchantment to your tier 2 boots. The enchant that makes your allies run faster when moving toward you certainly sounds interesting! Stick one of those on boots of mobility for Alistar and charge forward!

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Anonymous said...

That is a good site, thanks.

It is interesting to compare with reignOfgaming... I like rog's item info better for the side by side comparison of changes, but some other stuff is better on s@20