Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NHL Playoffs

Today marks the first day of the 2012 NHL Playoffs. The next two months will be filled with televised hockey games. Some of these games I will be obligated to watch as a Red Wings fan. I will likely watch other games based on having been a hockey fan in the past and finding habits hard to break.

What does this mean for my game playing? Well, for one I expect to be playing significantly less League of Legends. Right now the 8pm-1am time slot has pretty much been dedicated to playing LoL and that's going away. I've tried to watch Dancing With The Stars in the background while playing LoL and it just doesn't work. LoL is such an engrossing game that even when I'm dead and waiting to respawn I have things to consider and look at in game that there's no time to glance up at the tv. Raiding in WoW was at least semi-plausible to do at the same time since I was practiced/good enough to auto-pilot a lot of the game away. In LoL, not so much.

On the other hand it will free up a lot of time to play other games in smaller chunks. Intermissions between periods, for example, feel like prime time to get some Final Fantasy Legend III in. It'd be trickier if I get up to Final Fantasy Mystic Quest since I'd be playing that on the same tv as the hockey. I wonder if I can set up cross-input PiP...

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