Thursday, April 19, 2012

League of Legends: Positional Statistics

I stumbled across an interesting website earlier this week: lolstatistics. This is a website that pulls all of your profile stats and stores it in their own database and provides some breakdowns. I believe it works by having an account logged into the game which is scripted to look characters up when a new request comes in via the webpage. I poked around a little with the stats they provide and came across a breakdown showing winning percentage, games played, and average kills/deaths/assists for each champion. It further assigns each champion to one or more styles of play and then aggregates those same stats by style. Here's what my stats look like as of yesterday:

Win %K/D/ATotal Games
Melee Carry56%6/5/7177
AP Carry50%4/5/9107
Range AD Carry39%5/5/667

Now there are actually some fairly relevant flaws in the data here. The stats in your profile indicate results by champion but don't break down what you actually did in those games. Alistar is listed as a jungler, an AP carry, a support, and a tank because he could fill any of those roles. I've played 52 games as Alistar so almost half of my AP carry stats are coming from Alistar when I have never once played him in anything vaguely resembling an AP carry role. I know for sure that 51 of those games were support and 1 was jungle on the 3v3 map. Which in itself is a flaw in the data. The listed roles all make sense for the 5v5 map but I've played a fair number of 3v3 games recently. (120 games according to the site but some of those were unranked.) Lee Sin, for example, is listed as a melee carry and as a tank. Most of the games I've played with him have been in the jungle on the 3v3 map! Perhaps the biggest flaw of them all is Graves and Fiora don't have any roles at all so my games with those champions don't show up anywhere! (I've only played 6 games as Fiora with a 67% win percentage. She should probably be in the melee carry and maybe jungler slots making those numbers a little better. Graves I've played 32 times with a 34% win percentage. He should certainly be a ranged AD carry and drop that number even lower.) Akali is a jungler and a melee carry according to this site! (I'd have her as AP carry exclusively I think. Maybe AP carry and melee carry. Jungler boggles my mind... Maybe I should try it out!)

Even with all those potential problems I think the numbers are still fairly illuminating. I play a lot of games as champions that fill the tank/jungler/melee carry roles and fewer games with other roles. Playing more games means more practice which should mean I do better in those games than I do as AP carry or range AD carry. The range AD carry number in particular is _really_ bad. With Graves included it's at ~37% which is a lot lower than the ~56% I get with jungler/melee carry/support/tank. 56% is actually pretty good and is close to the win ratios of top pros. (Voyboy: 56%. Saintvicious: 55%. Of course they're in _significantly_ higher ELO brackets so they're getting their wins against much stronger opponents!) 37% is absolutely horrific.

Clearly there's something wrong with the way I play a ranged AD carry. Am I not farming enough? Is my positioning in team fights bad? Do I not work well with supports? Am I too aggressive early game? Not aggressive enough? Too susceptible to ganks? Buying the wrong items? Something else entirely? I think it may be time to do some research and see what the internet has to say so I can compare with what I've been doing... I have one idea from a recent game I played that I need to develop a bit more in my head that could shed some light on the subject. I'll probably post about it tomorrow.


Robb said...

Ya, it's a shame they don't give you the raw data. But they found it.. which means we can too?

Nick, before I get back on Sunday, you should find the stats and build your own stats compiler.

Nick Page said...

A lot of what I'd need simply isn't available. If you look at my Kennen stats, for example, I'm sitting at 50% wins. There's no way to figure out how many games were as AD Kennen. There's no way to figure out how many games were 3v3.

How good am I at Kennen in top lane on the 5v5 map? No clue. And as far as I know there's no way to find out except by replaying all of my games in LoLreplay. (Even that doesn't work as I didn't have it installed for a while.)