Sunday, April 22, 2012

All Kings Must Die!

First of all, I was a little disappointed with the 2v2 tournament last night. MKP and Huk were the most popular team but apparently MKP was really unhappy with that team. It turns out in a field of 7 Koreans and 1 Canadian you don't actually want to team up with the person with whom you can't really communicate. During the games themselves it became pretty clear that they didn't have any 2v2 experience at all. I used to play a lot of 2v2s back in the day (T&P with Jer, T&P with Tom, R&R with Robb) and the very first thing we learned was that you have to completely wall in your ramp if the other team has a Zerg. DRG went with a 10-pool, MC proxied two barracks and spammed marauders and swarmed them. If they were walled off (or if Huk had built any zealots) they could have handled it pretty easily I think. As it was they had to sac most of their workers to survive a little bit and then lost shortly thereafter. The commentators weren't taking it very seriously but it was actually pretty funny. The tournament itself was pretty cool; I just wanted MKP and Huk to win.

For the main event MKP went 6-1 in the round robin and handily won his semifinal match. He ended up in the final against DRG for the 3rd straight MLG event. It went to a 7th game and DRG pulled off a quick baneling bust and managed to win. The king is dead! 8(

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