Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Isaac Achievement Countdown

I beat ??? with Eden and the Lamb with Isaac which completed the last of the obvious unlocks that I knew about. I've done all the challenges and I've beaten every boss/rush with all 10 of the main characters. I'm still missing a bunch of achievements though, and I was sure a bunch of them revolved around the super challenge character, the Lost. He dies to any damage, period. I get hit all the time, so I have a really hard time imagining I could get those done... But there are some really powerful item combinations so I really might as well try and see! There might be some easier stuff to do first though, so I went through the list of all achievements and made a note of all the things I still have to do.

19 - super bandage girl
30 - die 100 times
38 - beat chapter 2 without taking damage
69 - collect all items, unlock everything except the Lost
82 - unlock the Lost
84 - collect all items and unlock everything
129 - kill Isaac with the Lost
130 - kill Satan with the Lost
131 - kill ??? with the Lost
132 - kill the Lamb with the Lost
133 - beat boss rush with the Lost
144 - super meat boy
156 - beat Mom's heart, Isaac, Satan, ???, the Lamb, and boss rush with the Lost on hard mode
167 - beat Mom's heart on hard mode with Isaac
168 - beat Mom's heart on hard mode with Maggy
169 - beat Mom's heart on hard mode with Eve
170 - beat Mom's heart on hard mode with Judas
171 - beat Mom's heart on hard mode with Cain
172 - beat Mom's heart on hard mode with Azazel
173 - beat Mom's heart on hard mode with Lazarus
174 - beat Mom's heart on hard mode with ???
175 - beat Mom's heart on hard mode with the Lost
176 - beat Mom's heart on hard mode with Eden
177 - beat Mom's heart on hard mode with Samson

Ok, so that's not too much stuff. I'm really surprised I haven't died 100 times! I suspect dying on challenges doesn't count towards that number. The super bandage girl and super meat boy achievements require running into all 4 of the horsemen of the apocalypse, or scumming it with a monster manual and a source of infinite batteries. After that I need to do the Lost stuff, and beat 8 levels on hard mode with each character. Oh, and collect all the items in the game.

Touching all the items is apparently pretty annoying, if the streamers I watch are any indication. I've heard multiple of them complain about getting a secret room item to spawn. I rarely hunt down secret rooms, so I guess I probably need to start doing that. I took the time to figure out every item I've never picked up. Several of them are items I've seen and deliberately not picked up because they're bad... Guess I need to get them at least once! Anyway, here's that list too.

Transcendence - secret room
Dr Fetus - treasure room
Super Bandage - treasure/boss room (need #19)
The Common Cold - treasure room
Guardian Angel - angel room
9 Volt - shop
Remote Detonator - treasure/shop/boss challenge
Blue Candle - shop
Fate - golden chest
Sacred Heart - angel room
Dead Dove - angel room
Monstro's Lung - treasure room
Stopwatch - shop
Missing No - secret room
Isaac's Heart - treasure room (need #129)
D100 - treasure room (need #133)
D4 - treasure room
The Jar - shop
Eve's Mascara - treasure room
Samson's Chains - treasure room
Scissors - treasure room (need #30)
Godhead - angel room (need #156)
The Mind - treasure/angel (need #130)
The Body - treasure/angel (need #131)
The Soul - treasure/angel (need #132)
The Boomerang - shop

Some of those items require me to do some of the other stuff first to unlock them. The other stuff being mostly the Lost stuff. The hard mode stuff doesn't unlock any items so I don't need to rush to do it... But it's also likely the easiest stuff to do.

I think what I should do first is work on unlocking the Lost (you need to do an archaic set of 4 things) and then try doing things with him. When that gets frustrating, switch to doing Isaac runs in order to pick up items I'm missing with his d6 item. And maybe throw in some hard mode runs with different characters to pick those achievements up too.

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Sthenno said...

The Book of Revelations guarantees that you fight a horseman on any level provided that there is one available to fight and you aren't on a fixed boss level (like Mom). I have the super meatboy achievement just from a game where I found revelations on the first floor. I also was one roll away from bandage girl in another such game (I got a horse drop instead of the last piece).

I think this is the fastest way to get it, just rerolling to get the book and then playing. I never thought about monster manual scumming, but that sounds like a really unlikely game set-up.