Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Godhead Unlocked!

It took more tries than it's reasonable to count, and I ran my donation machine down to 40 coins, but I finally managed to beat the boss rush event with The Lost on hard mode in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. This involves clearing out 6 floors of the dungeon in under 20 minutes and then beating 15 waves of bosses where each wave contains 2 bosses. The Lost is a character with no health value; any damage kills him. Hard mode makes floors bigger, with less health on them, increases the chance enemies spawn as champions, and increases the chance of getting a curse on each floor. It is overall a combination of brutal difficulty increases!

If you take a look at the screenshot you'll note it took me over 54 minutes to beat the boss rush. Now, you have to start it in under 20 minutes so that means I spent a good 34 minutes actually beating the boss rush. That seems ludicrous. Especially once I tell you that I actually didn't get a single damage up item until the devil deal at the end of the 5th floor, and even then it wasn't a very big one. I barely killed Mom's Foot in under 20 minutes! So what did I do?

I combined the item 'gnawed leaf' which makes you immune to damage as long as you don't move and the passive damage sources 'guppy's hairball' and 'lil haunt'. Any enemy that touched the hairball behind my character would take a small amount of damage. Any enemy that came really close to me would aggro the haunt who would then follow them around doing small amounts of damage. So with only a couple exceptions (enemies who never came close to me) I just watched Hafu play Hearthstone without touching my controller and waited to win.

What a stupid solution to a stupid challenge. But now it's done! (Beating 5 floors with no damage increases is actually pretty darn hard, so I don't feel too bad for cheesing the ending. Turns out holy mantle and stop watch are really good for not dying!)

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