Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hearthstone: Winner Winner, Legend Dinner

It took a total of 266 wins with mech mage, but a few hours ago I managed to put together the last win streak I needed to get up to legend rank. It put me in at position 168 to start off, which seems really high. I've been matched against people in the 400s I think, so that's way up on the ladder. Has it been tracking my Elo all along? Have most people just fallen below the initial Elo? Who knows!

Now the goal would be to get up to the top 50 or the top 100 to earn some of those worlds qualifier points. But I'm wondering if maybe I should work on a better deck first? I've been finding more and more I play the same people repeatedly as I got closer and closer to legend, and some of them have decks I have very little chance against. (This version of the deck has gone 2-9 against zoo warlock, for example.) So having more decks to switch between when the guy who plays zoo is around would be really nice.

But what deck should that be? My problem is I don't have enough experience with constructed to really know what beats what. I'm getting a decent idea of what beats mech mage, but that's it. Probably the right thing to do is to build a zoo deck and use it next month on my way up the ladder! Focus more on drafting for the rest of this month and grind out a bunch of mech mage games closer to the end of the month and try to eke into the top 100.

In case anyone wants to try out my current mech mage variant (not exactly ground breaking stuff here, and some decisions were based on not owning many classic cards) here's the list:

2xclockwork gnome
1xmana wyrm
2xfrost bo9lt
2xunstable portal
2xmad scientist
2xmirror entity
2xspider tank
1xtinkertown technician
2xgoblin blastmage
2xpiloted shredder
1xarchmage antonidas
1xdr boom

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