Monday, February 02, 2015

Hearthstone: Potentially Frustrating Draft...

I just finished a draft with a druid deck that didn't seem terribly exciting. My best card was probably azure drake, which is a passable body for a 5 drop that also draws you a card. It's card advantage, and card advantage is good, but it isn't jaw droppingly amazing by any stretch. The deck was rounded out with 3 copies of starfire which is a single target burn spell that costs 6 and hits for 5 and also draws you a card. Oh, and 2 copies of swipe which hits one target for 4 damage and all other enemies for 1 damage each. So some pretty decent removal which pretty much all has card advantage baked in. Fill up with some good to mediocre creatures and I guess you have a recipe for success. I did have 4 creatures which gave spell power and at one point I managed to cast swipe with 3 of them in play to kill off a 6/7 and a pair of 3/3s which was pretty sweet.

Anyway, I ended up starting out 9-0. More than a couple of those games featured me playing starfires on turns 6, 7, and 8 on the single creature my opponent played while I attacked with a couple creatures. Huzzah!

Then I got paired up against a mage who also seemed to have an unexciting deck. He didn't play anything amazing either, though he did also play an azure drake. My biggest problem with this matchup was that he never really played anything worth hitting with a starfire. Most of his 'end game' creatures were either untargetable or created other creatures or drew cards. So his deck was a lot like mine, except with better creature quality. He crushed me.

I queued up again and was immediately matched back up with the exact same mage. He once again crushed me. The idea that you can end up playing the same person twice in the same draft is pretty ludicrous to me. Especially in a draft environment that has a very rock/paper/scissors feel to it. Many of my losses I think about afterwards and decide my odds of winning a rematch would be pretty low. Hearthstone decks are so small and drafts often end up pretty homogeneous so if a given opponent has a deck apt to beat mine and has already shown himself to not be bad enough to throw the game away I don't like my chances of winning a second time.

This got me pretty frustrated so I took off to get a drink, clear my head, and make sure I didn't face that same guy a third time. I came back, didn't face him, and finished off my draft with 3 more wins. So I ended up going 12-2 with a deck I wasn't terribly excited about, and both my losses came to the same guy.

I guess this means going forward if I lose a match deep in a draft and don't think it was just misplays on my part that I should probably wait a bit before playing again to make sure the guy who is likely to beat me gets a match against someone else first.

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