Thursday, July 24, 2014

Off to WBC!

The World Boardgaming Championships don't start until August 2nd so it feels a little weird to be packing up and leaving today, but it is what it is. It turns out Pounder is on vacation and Robb is, for now, still unemployed so there are plenty of games to be played if only I was in Waterloo. It's not like I actually have any real reason to hang around at my place in Toronto so I'm getting kidnapped later today to live in Pounder's basement for a week or so and play games. Have I mentioned I like games?

I don't want to be away from my computer for so long, especially with all the asynch Civ V games I'm in, so I'm going to be carting that along with all my normal WBC stuff like my bed and 10 days worth of clothes. Today so far has been a lot of packing. Now I need to go buy a network card for my computer so I can have internet in Pounder's basement and then I'm going to play games with Sara, Duncan, and Andrew because what I really need to do before playing board games for 2 and a half weeks is play more board games. Hurray board games!

I haven't done any post prepping yet, but I assume I'll actually get a network card and have internet at Pounder's so I'll be able to whip up some bridge posts to go up as an emergency in case WBC internet is as terrible as it sometimes can be. I fully intend to keep a post going up each day! Hopefully about WBC, but maybe extra bridge stuff. Woo!

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