Monday, February 17, 2014

Back to SolForge

Last month I finally got fed up with constructed in SolForge and got annoyed with how rarely I could draft so I stopped playing the game. I moved on to Hearthstone where I could draft much more frequently and could play more games per draft. I quickly moved on from Hearthstone because I found the games to not have interesting decisions and to take way too long to resolve. SolForge has faster games and actual decisions to make during the games in terms of playing for the short term or the long term when choosing which cards to play and level up. They just wouldn't let me draft without paying them a silly amount of money.

My sister let me know a couple weeks ago that they'd changed the way they gave out draft tickets in SolForge. They turned the 'first online win of the day' bonus from being 1/40th of a ticket to being a guaranteed ticket. You need 7 to draft, so even if you never got another ticket in any other way you'd still get to draft once per week by winning an online game each day. They also added in a small prize for winning any additional online game (about 1/400th of a ticket) which isn't very good but it's better than nothing like it was before.

Of course getting that online win each day isn't exactly tons of fun. The problem is everyone who kept playing has another month's worth of legendary cards and I don't. So the people currently around my hidden matchmaker rating now have substantially better decks than they used to, which means I lose way more often than I used to. It's a little frustrating.

On the plus side there is an out... I can draft and then just play until I win one draft game per day! Drafting is still so much fun in this game that it's been worth doing for the last week. I like how fast the games play out so I can see how my drafting did. I don't like needing to play constructed for tickets but at least now it's less constructed and I can somewhat mitigate it by portioning out my draft games but that goes against how fast I can conclude a draft...

I'll probably get fed up again, but for now SolForge is back in my good books. Hearthstone is probably dead to me for reals.

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