Thursday, February 07, 2013

Final Fantasy Tactics: Bored of Cloud

The original version of Final Fantasy Tactics had an easter egg cameo character added in from Final Fantasy VII: Cloud Strife. I hadn't found him in previous playthroughs and wanted to see what he was all about this time around. I tried just wandering around for a bit trying to find him, failed, and looked up how to do it on the internet. It turned out to be not very complicated but it involves going to a specific set of towns on opposite sides of the map in order. I set out to do so, but it turns out when you wander all over the world you get into a lot of trivial random encounters. And unfortunately trivial in FFT doesn't mean over in a couple attacks. It means I can't lose but the fight is going to still take 15 minutes.

For a while that was fine, because I was still leveling my dudes up. But now both of my casters have learned all of the math skills. My dragoon has the best jump skills. My monk unlocked ninja and now has nowhere else to go. Pretty much all I have left that's interesting in the job system is to stumble into whatever it takes to be a dark knight and a dancer/bard. And even then that's not going to make me any better, it's just going to be a little bit of completionism.

Speaking of completionism while wandering all over the world I've been doing some of the errands in the inns. I'm nowhere near done them all, and they really don't accomplish anything. And they have the same random encounter problem.

It's gotten to the point where I'm almost done the Cloud quest chain, but I'm bored of the game. I've even stopped playing on the bus while I've been reading some illuminating books instead. I'm beginning to think that I should just abandon Cloud and get back to the plot missions. At least those ones tended to be challenging. But I have gained a lot of power since I was doing those with all this wandering around so maybe that won't even be true anymore. Regardless, I do want to see the rest of the plot. And I really want to play FFVIII. Oh, and whatever that Ehrgeiz thing is, I'm sure I want to play that too. Honest.

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