Monday, February 25, 2013

Diablo III: Item Mods Per Slot

One thing I quickly noticed when trying to build an item set for the wizard build I found was how few slots actually have attack speed or crit chance as options for rare items. Frustratingly, legendary/set items can sometimes break the rules that rare items have for mods/slot but the auction house interface won't let you search for them! For example, The Witching Hour is a legendary belt with attack speed and is the only way to get attack speed on a belt. But if you don't know about that item and you just want to find a belt with attack speed you simply can't use the AH to find it. It also means you can't filter all of the available The Witching Hours to get one with a max attack speed roll. My current belt is significantly worse than The Witching Hour could be, and until I went looking right now for an example item I didn't know it existed!

I want to know which slots can have which stats so I can go about properly upgrading my gear. I feel like I need more life on hit in particular, and more max health. But a couple hours of internet searching on the weekend did little to actually find information in an easy to use form. So, I've decided to go through all the possible rare mods and all the legendary items to build a nice list of the mods I care about and build a bit of a shopping list.

Arcane Power on Crit - Wand, Source, Wizard Hat
Crit Chance - Amulet, Gloves, Offhand, Ring, Bracers, Helm - Belt/Pants on Legendaries (Tal Rasha's Brace/Inna's Temperance)
Crit Damage - Amulet, Weapon, Ring, Gloves - Belt/Wand on Legendary (The Witching Hour/Slorak's Madness)
Attack Speed - Weapon, Amulet, Gloves, Ring - Belt/Pants/Bracers/Chest/Helm/Helm/Source on Legendary (The Witching Hour/Inna's Temperance/Lacuni Prowlers/Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit/Andariel's Visage/Mempo of Twilight/Chantodo's Force)
Attacks per Second - Amulet, Ring - Wand on Legendary (Chantodo's Will)
Life on Hit - Weapon, Amulet, Ring - Pants/Gloves/Wizard Hat on Legendaries (Blackthorne's Jousting Mail/Gladiator Gauntlets/Storm Crow)

Looking at it another way, which of these mods can I get in each slot?

Shoulders - None
Chest - Attack Speed (only from Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit)
Belt - Crit Chance (only from Tal Rasha's Brace) OR Crit Damage + Attack Speed (only from The Witching Hour)
Gloves - Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and Attack Speed (base), also Life on Hit from Gladiator Gauntlets (but it only comes with Crit Chance + 1 random mod so I can't get a quad item)
Bracers - Crit Chance (base), also Attack Speed (Lacuni Prowlers)
Pants - Crit Chance + Attack Speed (Inna's Temperance) or Life on Hit (Blackthorne's Jousting Mail)
Boots - None
Wizard Hat - Crit Chance, Arcane Power on Crit (base), also Attack Speed (Andariel's Visage or Mempo of Twilight) or Life on Hit (Storm Crow) (I don't think Visage or Mempo can spawn with Arcane Power on Crit as they're normal hats)
Wand - Chantodo's Will is the only real option since it's the fastest weapon type and comes with even more attacks per second, arcane power on crit, and a huge amount of int.
Source - Crit Chance, Arcane Power on Crit (base), also Attack Speed (Chantodo's Force)
Amulet - Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Attack Speed, Attacks per Second, Life on HitRing - Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Attack Speed, Attacks per Second, Life on Hit

Given how awesome Chantodo's Will is and that it has a good set bonus it seems like I really need to get a Chantodo's Force. I've been on the lookout for a cheap one but they're all in the 7-8 digit range. Eventually I figure I'll get lucky and find one in my budget. (It only had one random mod slot and I need it to roll arcane power on crit. Maybe I could get away with a version without it if I get enough crit on other slots?)

It turns out in patch 1.0.4 they redid most of the legendaries but didn't modify existing versions of them. I actually had a Tal Rasha's chest from before, and it still has attack speed on it, but it only has 6% and all newer ones spawn with 8-9%. Oh, and the new one spawns with guaranteed int, vit, and 3 sockets along with the attack speed and 2 random mods. Mine has armour, resist all, and magic find. And it doesn't complete a set bonus with newer versions of the other pieces. So I _really_ need to look for a new version.

It feels odd, but maybe I want the monk set pants? The crit chance on them is so low it probably isn't worth it, but they are the only attack speed option in the slot. Probably I should just find a good defensive pair of pants. Same with shoulders and boots.

The Witching Hour just seems nutty. It comes with int, crit damage, attack speed, and 3 random mods. So I should be able to find a cheap version that does what I want with some random junk thrown in.

For gloves I actually have a pair of Gladiator Gauntlets that rolled attack speed, so it may well be best in slot for me. It has pretty high values for the relevant mods, too. I bet I could find a rare pair of gloves with huge int and all three of the 'trifecta' stats but it would probably cost an absolute fortune. I should check and see just in case though.

I have the int+5 mod bracer pattern and made a pair with huge int and crit chance. I feel like Lacuni Prowlers might be better, but I doubt I can afford a set with enough int to be good enough.

Hat is tricky. I feel like I need the arcane power on crit so I can't use the attack speed options. Storm Crow is probably the way to go but my current rare hat is pretty reasonable too.

Jewelry can give me all possible stats, including one I don't think I've seen anywhere but on my wand: attacks per second. If that actually exists it'll be interesting to see how much items with it cost! My jewelry is all decent but unspectacular and could definitely use some upgrading. But given how I'm looking for rares that roll out 5 or 6 specific stats (assuming I also want some of int/vit/socket) they're going to be really pricy I would think. Ouroboros is an amulet that spawns with a couple things I want; maybe those are reasonably priced? Blackthorne's Duncraig Cross and Tal Rasha's Allegiance are options, too. For rings Skull Grasp actually looks like it could be sick. Now, it has 58 different skill mods and 3 stat options so the odds of finding one with int and energy twister crit seem pretty remote and probably make it stupidly expensive but I want to take a look! Stone of Jordon can have 30% extra damage to elites which sounds really high. Unity might be nice. Zunimassa's Pox looks to have good defensive stats but would really need to roll some of attack speed/crit chance/life on hit to be good. And then, again, is probably outrageously expensive. Hellfire Ring is the last option. It's the reward for the infernal machine thing and gives a whopping 35% bonus experience on top of having 185 int and 4 random mods. I want one of those, but if it doesn't roll good random mods it probably makes me a lot worse at stun locking things.

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