Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blood Bowl: Snow Removal

I was randomly browsing around a Blood Bowl message board looking for stats on cheering fans and stumbled upon a thread which fixes a problem I've been having with the Cyanide client. The problem is one of the 10 stadiums in the game is played in the snow. Bright white snow. With the text in the chat window and the log being written in a white font. So not only do my eyes get strained trying to look at the screen I can't read the text at all without hovering over the chat window to force the opaque background of the chat window to show up.

I'd complained about this with both Robb and Snuggles and we mused that it had to be possible to overwrite the art files for that stadium with something else but I never actually went digging into the files to see if I could find anything. Good thing I didn't since they're buried in a deep directory structure and use some weird file format I can't trivially open. Fortunately someone else actually put in some time to figure it out and find the exact files that need to be replaced in order to remove the snow from the field. Details are in the thread (they're for an older version of the game which didn't use Steam but the basic principles still apply). In particular, I had to go to the folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Blood Bowl Chaos Edition\Data\3d\Level\Level_08\Textures

And then replace the three grass files.,, and Level_08 is the Norse stadium which has all the snow. I replaced it with grass from the Level_01 folder. I had to rename the files (Grass_D -> Grass01_D, for example) but it worked great. I tested it out in a single player game and the snow has been removed from the playing field! Woo!

I know other people are going to want to do this. Enjoy!


Mike T said...

You can also change the opacity of the log to make it easier to read.

Nick Page said...

Oh? Where do I go to do that?