Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pandaren Ambassador Details

Ok, so I was pretty intrigued when I saw the realm first achievement for getting exalted with all the different Pandaren factions. Especially since they removed rep gains from running dungeons! If you want to get this achievement you need to be really into daily quests and maybe some other things too. I wanted to take a look at the different factions to see if I could work out what exactly was going to be needed. Dailies reset at 5am and the expansion launches at 3am so it could be possible to squeeze an extra day of dailies out if any dailies can be reached in less than 2 hours.

I'm operating under the assumption that all of these reps start at neutral and therefore require a total of 42000 rep to hit exalted. These numbers get modified by the human racial bonus diplomacy and the guild perk mr popularity. Rather than multiple the rep gains from each source by 1.1 or 1.2 I'm just going to reduce the rep needed to hit each rep level by the same factor, as follows:

Assuming you have one of the 10% reputation buff from either being human or being in a guild...

Rep for friendly - 2727
Cum rep for honoured - 8182
Cum rep for revered - 19091
Cum rep for exalted - 38182

Assuming you have both diplomacy and mr popularity...

Rep for friendly - 2500
Cum rep for honoured - 7500
Cum rep for revered - 17500
Cum rep for exalted - 35000

Being human cuts off 3182 rep. This is probably going to shave off at least a day towards getting the achievement I would think, but a non-human could theoretically make up that gap with 3 peace pipes if it actually makes it into the game? (A consumable item that drops from a rare monster that gives you 1000 rep with every Pandaren faction.)

After the break will be details for each of the 9 factions. There's some interesting stuff that I need to think through but I should have conclusions up tomorrow.

Tushui Pandaren (Alliance Only)
- Looks like the faction for the actual PCs.
- There appears to be a tabard just like all the other Alliance hometown factions.
- Presumably you get rep with them just by doing any quests (with spillover) like any other hometown faction. It's already in the game now and I'm slowing getting it from the Ironforge cooking/fishing dailies!
- I would guess this will get maxed for free. Otherwise I guess put on the tabard and grind some dungeons?

The Lorewalkers
- 2850 rep for doing an exploration achievement (9)
- 20 rep for an intro quest
- 50 rep for another quest
- Apparently you get rep for doing the achievements and again for cashing a quest from an item in the mail afterwards. The 9 are enough to hit exalted. All of the exploration achievements involve clicking on landmarks around Pandaria.
- So I guess you can get this in one day? I probably want to hit level 90 to get a flying mount to make for easier exploration but there doesn't seem to be any daily gates here.

Golden Lotus
- Looks like a level 90 daily quest faction.
- 1250 rep from dailies at Golden Pagoda.
- At friendly, another random set of dailies worth 1000 or 1025 rep.
- At honoured, another random set of dailies worth 1025 or 775 rep.
- At revered, maybe a daily worth 350 rep.
- After doing all the other dailies in a day, maybe a boss daily for 350 rep? (I'm assuming you need to be honoured for this but it isn't clear.)
- 325 rep from initial quest line.
- At friendly, 1400 rep from a quest line.
- At honoured, 350 rep from a quest.
- At revered, 750 rep from a quest.
- All told you should hit friendly on the second day. Assuming that then unlocks the friendly dailies on the same day you'll hit honoured on the fourth day. (Third if you're human and get lucky with a 1025 quest hub!) Revered will happen on the seventh day. (Sixth for humans.) Exalted on day 12. (11 for humans.)

The Tillers
- The Farmville guys.
- At level 90 each time you harvest a field you get 50 rep. You can have 16 of these, eventually.
- Many dailies of which you get to do 2 visitors, 1 gift, 1 farming, and 1 killing each day for a total of 1075 rep per day.
- Initial quest chain worth 7499 rep.
- 14 vote quests worth 7890 rep.
- 500 rep for saving a dog.
- You will very quickly have 16 plots of land if you do all the quests I would think. It'll take 12 days of doing all the dailies with 16 fields to hit exalted. You do need to hit level 90 first and I'd guess not having all the plots will set you back maybe a day or two? So 13 or 14 days total.

Order of the Cloud Serpent
- A level 90 faction which teaches you to ride serpents. It's not clear if this is actually a relevant new mount. Probably it's just cosmetic.
- 2400 rep from what looks to be a preliminary quest chain.
- 1500 rep from what is certainly a preliminary quest chain.
- 2500 rep from what a quest chain to get a serpent mount. I think this might require exalted?
- 500 rep for turning in an onyx egg. These eggs are found on the ground. Repeatable, as long as their are eggs to loot. Longish respawn timer though?
- 3000 rep from what look to be 3 isolated quests.
- 125 rep from a fishing daily
- 125 rep from a first aid daily
- 125 rep from an archaeology daily
- 125 rep from a cooking daily
- 27 different dailies worth 450 rep each. I can't imagine they're all up every day.
- 8 different dailies worth 600 rep each. Again, I can't imagine they're all up every day.
- It looks like you can get 7 dailies per day but only if you have at least 525 in all secondary professions. All told it looks like 2000 rep from dailies per day.
- All told I'm guessing 17 days to hit exalted assuming that extra quest chain requires exalted and that you get no onyx eggs at all.

The Anglers
- There are three non-pool rare fish you can catch each day. Primarily used for Nat Pagle friendship they're also worth 350 rep each.
- Several level 89 quests worth a total of 2770 rep.
- 14 dailies worth 500 rep each. Unclear how many are available each day. Looks like maybe 3 each day?
- If you don't do the fish then it will take 24 days of doing the dailies to hit exalted. Include the fish every day and you'll get it done in 14 days. Note the fish are pretty much the only way to get Nat Pagle friendship so it's not a stretch to believe I'd want to catch them anyway.

The Klaxxi
- Level 89 quests in a zone with a lot of crazy buffs, apparently. Crazy buffs named after old school rock songs!
- Unlike everyone else I couldn't really find any details for these guys. So I just counted quests on Wowhead.
- 34 daily quests worth 130 rep each. Wowhead isn't being terribly useful here; I think some are Horde only.
- 42 quests worth 250 rep each. Again, I'm sure some are horde only. Are any repeatable? I don't know!
- 3 quests worth 350 each.
- 6 quests worth 500 each.
- Making some guesses you'll get about 14000 rep from quests. If you get 6 dailies per day then it would take 31 days to max out. If you get 9 then it would take 21 days. As long as you can get at least 5 dailies per day it'll be faster than Shado-Pan and August Celestials.

- Requires revered with Golden Lotus before you can get the dailies for this rep.
- Lots of level 89 quests though. My adding might be a little off but it looks like around 11k rep from the quests.
- An extra 2350 from arena quests.
- 750 rep from daily quests.
- I really hope I'm missing something here as it looks like it'll take 34 days after the dailies unlock to hit exalted! So 41 days from when you hit level 90 if you're not human. 35 if you are human.

The August Celestials
- Requires revered with Golden Lotus before you can get the dailies for this rep.
- 250 rep from a single non-daily quest.
- One of four quest hubs has dailies each day. It looks like they're worth either 1100 or 1250. (Three are worth 1100.)
- As such I'd expect 4550 rep every 4 days on average. Which is 34 days after dailies unlock. I thought 34 seemed high for Shado-Pan but that my calculations work out the same for their companion faction makes me think they make sense. 41 days after you hit level 90 it is!


Philip Jackson said...

Excellent post. I've found very little information around the web from others itemizing this Realm First Achievement, so thank you.

Myself I've spent all my prep time on the beta ironing out my leveling strategy for Realm First 90 Mage. My server's pretty competitive, so my chances are slim, but I'm putting my best attempt in anyway.

I will say that there are few people (and fewer humans) on my server that seem to grind out achievements and reputation as I do. As such I have a list of about 30 people (found from using GuildOx and WoWProgress) that I believe might be attempting the Realm First Pandaran Ambassador as well.

With this list in hand, the best option I have is to check their armories every few days to track their progress with mine towards the FoS.

Good luck with your grind, I'll keep you updated on mine.

Nick Page said...

Hah, I hope you're human! Best of luck regardless. It should be an interesting month!