Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guild Experience Progress

Last week I talked a bit about outstanding guild perks. We had 20 days before MoP hit and we were 1500 quests away from getting 10% trade skill-up chance and another 850 quests away from getting 15% more stuff from gathering skills. I opined that I could probably get the 1500 quests on my own since that would only be 75 quests per day. 7 days in, how have things been going?

I've managed to get 420 quests done in 7 days. That's not quite 75 per day but it's close enough that I could probably ramp up if I had to. On the downside I've pounded out all the quests in Vash'jir and Uldum on my DK and picked up Loremaster of Cataclysm so I actually don't have many options left. I'm still doing dailies in various places but if they wouldn't be worth experience they aren't worth guild experience. Realistically my only option would be to start leveling an alt to get access to more quests.

Luckily it really doesn't look like that will be needed. I may have completed 420 quests but other people in the guild completed 872 quests. That's enough to make it pretty much guaranteed that we'll get the skill-up perk even if people slow down a fair bit. Heck, even if we quest at half the rate we did this week we'll even get the gathering perk. Maybe I'll have some spare time to play League of Legends...


pounder said...

We dinged 22 this morning.

Nick Page said...