Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ocarina of Time

A couple months ago I was talking to Andrew about Zelda games (I think it was the day I picked up my 3DS) and he mentioned he'd never played A Link To The Past. I remember telling him that he had to play it since it was definitely the best Zelda game of all time.

As Robin Williams is letting us know, Ocarina of Time comes out on the Nintendo 3DS this weekend. I know people who say this game isn't just the best Zelda game. It's the best game, period. Now, it turns out I haven't actually played it. Or actually, any Zelda game at all except for A Link To The Past. So while it may be the best Zelda game I have no real basis for making that claim, except that it's awesome and the one I grew up with. I used to be a big Nintendo fan but it turns out when I moved to University I was broke and my brother won custody of our Nintendo 64. (After a drawn out legal battle I did get the SNES. I think I won!) As I moved through University the people I lived with had just a Playstation or eventually a Playstation 2. So no chance to play the newer Zelda games. I do recall watching OoT get played a little bit when visiting my family between terms but I never really had time to play it myself.

That will all change today as I have errands to run at the mall. (Hair cut, allergy pills, fatter pants...) The eB there claimed they'd be getting it in today, so hopefully on the subway ride home I will be starting in on playing 3D Zelda. It may not live up to being the best game of all time but it should at least be pretty good.

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Sthenno said...

I'd nominate The Legend of Zelda as the best Zelda game of all time. Ocarina of Time was very good, though.