Friday, June 17, 2011


Dreamhack is being held this weekend in lovely Sweden. According to Wikipedia it would seem that Dreamhack is the world's largest LAN event with lots of tournaments and gaming stuffs going on. Apparently 10% of attendees are female which sounds high (and yet so terribly low).

At any rate, the reason I care is that they're running the season one championship for League of Legends this weekend, and also a large Starcraft 2 tournament. Both events are going to be streamed live. Many casters are going to be streaming the SC2 games, with Day[9] being the most prominent one. (SC2 is running 5 games at a time to get everything done so other people will be casting games at the same time.) League of Legends seems to be running one match at a time so they're just going to have the one stream going. (LoL has 8 teams, SC2 has 48 players.)

The only downside is the event is in Sweden and it turns out that's on another side of the world and they haven't yet switched over to being awake at night and asleep during the day so their video game streams sync up with my life. (Work on that, Sweden!) The LoL stream at least starts at 4:30 am my time. I'm considering setting an alarm and waking up extra early...

I don't know much about many of the teams (though I did manage to catch the last few matches of the north american qualifier series a few weeks ago) but I'm going to pretty arbitrarily root for team Solomid. I just hope they don't draft Vayne, I never see anyone win with her. 8P


Sthenno said...

Is there commentary on the LoL matches? I'd be interested in watching and seeing how the game plays a bit, but without commentary I don't think I would know what was going on.

Ziggyny said...

Yes, at Dreamhack they have two teams of commentators. At least one (RiotPhreak) is an employee of the company and I think a primary aspect of his job is to comment on games.

It looks like they have the whole stream broken up into chunks for each match on the site.

is the first match of the day and had the primary commentator team with Phreak.