Friday, January 30, 2015

Tons of Drafts

I haven't actually recorded the gameplay for any Hearthstone drafts recently but I have finished 27 drafts now via the HearthArena website. I guess that means I've managed to 'go infinite', at least in the short term, especially since I have enough gold left to draft 6 more times. In that span I haven't hit a 0 win, 7 win, or 9 win draft. I have had 2 10s, an 11, and 2 12s. Overall I've won a little over 66% of my games, which is way better than I thought I'd do but still worse than the really good people.

I feel like I really should stream some drafts so I can replay my losses. Unfortunately my desktop appears to be dead and I doubt my old laptop can handle streaming. I suspect the issue is catastrophic hard drive failure so I probably need to get a new hard drive before I can get it running again. Possibly all I need to do is reinstall Windows? Either way I'll need to find my Windows disk in storage before I can do much of anything.

One thing I find interesting from my stats is success rates against the different classes. More than a quarter of all my opponents have been mages, and I beat them at about the same rate as my average. Against priests on the other hand I'm under a 40% win rate. I wonder why I'm having such trouble beating priests... Are they just secretly really good? Or are priest decks just well suited to fight the decks I tend to draft? (Which would be aggressive decks full of 2 drops...) My most recent reasonably successful deck was a 10 win deck from yesterday where I went in the other direction and played a ton of expensive things. Including 4 things that cost 8! 3 of them were 8/8 taunters and the other was Kel'Thuzad. The number of times people conceded to Kel'Thuzad was pretty silly. If you don't immediately have a hex or polymorph he pretty much wins the game on the spot. Especially if you've got a big taunter keeping them from just attacking him down! The best part of that deck was actually the 2 innervates which let me start the game with a turn 1 yeti several times. I only drafted druid that one time out of all 27 drafts... I should try to pick druid again soon because it was such an interesting and fun change of pace.

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